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Our Chapter

The American Marketing Association at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (AMA-UHM) is a collegiate chapter of the internationally affiliated AMA organization. AMA-UHM was established in 1971 and continues to be one of the largest and most active organizations in the Shidler College of Business.

Our Mission

We strive to lift our members to newer heights by providing them with opportunities to better understand the field of marketing and to prepare them for a smooth transition into a professional setting.

The American Marketing Association welcomes students of all majors who have an interest in marketing. Our programs are designed to promote networking opportunities, professional development, and social responsibility for students.


Executive Board

Our executive board is made up of a group of elected individuals who have proven themselves to be dedicated to AMA and its members. The executive board's mission is to ensure that every member benefits from their time at AMA-UHM. 



Executive President

Ashley Regaspi

Ashley is a senior majoring in Communications planning to graduate in the Fall of 2020. This is her fifth semester in AMA and her third semester on board. In her free time Ashley likes to learn how to cook and learn new recipes.  She also likes to take care of her saltwater aquarium.

AMA has taught her what it’s like to work hard and manage her time.  Being in AMA has also strengthened her interpersonal skills as well as boosted her confidence in going for what she wants.

As the Executive President, Ashley oversees operations for the club as well as all the duties of the other executive board members. She hopes to strengthen not only the bond within AMA, but with the other clubs as well.  She is also in charge of establishing the chapter's goals and strategies for the year. With these intentions in mind, it is Ashley’s duty to communicate with the faculty advisor, the Inter-Business Council, and the AMA Hawaii chapter to provide the best member experience possible.


Executive Vice President

Ashley Nguyen



Moana Kimura


vice president of Collegiate affairs

Kelvin Chee


vice president of Professional development

Justin Yago

Justin is a Junior majoring in Marketing planning to double major in Entrepreneurship and graduate in the Fall of 2020. This is his fifth semester in AMA and his third semester on board. Justin is a major foodie and loves to check out new local places anywhere and everywhere he goes . He also likes to learn about the car scene and is constantly thinking of ways to make his car better.

AMA has taught him what it’s like to be a part of an esteemed club and has been inspired by the many individuals that surround him.  Being in AMA has also strengthened his confidence and put him in many uncomfortable positions that he has come to conquer in his journey.

As the Vice President of Professional Development, Justin oversees company tours and guest speakers who speak at our general meetings, as well as our Professional Interaction Night. He hopes to grow the professional reputation of AMA as well as himself. With that in mind, it is Justin’s job to communicate with professionals and students alike to ensure that our members are ready for whatever line of work they choose.


vice president of advertising

Jason Connell

Jason is a junior majoring in finance and plans to graduate in Spring 2021. This is his second semester in AMA and his first semester on board. Jason enjoys watching college football more than anything on TV, surfing with his friends, and eating some good food. 

AMA has taught him to experience new things and to be a go-getter. It also gave him his best semester in college yet, and he can’t wait to make even more memories. 

As the Vice President of Advertising, Jason is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with outside organizations while also obtaining sponsorships or donations. He hopes to get as many organizations involved with AMA as possible.



vice president of FUNDRAISING

Hunter Kirihara

Hunter is a senior majoring in Human Resource Management.  Hunter joined AMA in the Spring ‘19 semester and had such a blast that he decided to be on board this semester.  He loves to experience the outdoors and spend time with friends.

AMA has taught him many valuable lessons that he hopes to share with new and returning members.  Being in AMA has also helped Hunter with overcoming adversity and learning to adapt in different situations.  

As the Vice President of Fundraising, Hunter is responsible for the funds for the chapter.  He coordinates fundraising events and works with other executive board members to make sure all events go smoothly.


vice president of Philanthropy

Jacob Connell

Jacob is a junior majoring in Marketing. This is his second semester in AMA and his first semester on board. He has an interest in college football, baseball, and basketball and spending quality time with his friends. He experienced many new things in his first semester in AMA and hopes to continue to experience many more. 

As the Vice President of Philanthropy, Jacob is responsible for giving the members of the club opportunities to give back to the community through community service events.


vice president of Student Relations

Jaydon Arakawa

Jaydon is a senior majoring in Sociology and plans to graduate in Spring 2020. This is his third semester in AMA second semester on executive board. Jaydon loves to play baseball, spend quality time with family and friends, and listen to country music.   

As the Vice President of Student Relations, Jaydon is responsible for organizing all of AMA’s social events.  He plans to use these events as a way to build camaraderie among old and new members while making their time in AMA one they won’t forget. Jaydon’s passion for AMA shows through his commitment to ensuring all members’ AMA experience is one they will never forget!


vice president of digital media

Marcus Bui


vice president of communications

Haley Kunimura

Haley is currently a sophomore majoring in Marketing, Management, and International Business. This is her third semester in AMA and second semester on board. On her free time, Haley enjoys running, watching Netflix, and going to the beach. Through AMA, Haley has made lots of fun memories and can’t wait to bond more with all of AMA’s members.

As the Vice President of Communications, Haley is responsible for the distribution of the club newsletter, in which all AMA UHM event information and announcements are compiled. Also serving as AMA’s Inter-Business Council (IBC) Senator, she will be present in meetings held between the other Shidler Business Club representatives and is responsible for creating a summary of the IBC activities discussed. Haley is looking forward to helping the club’s members remain updated and hopes to encourage as much involvement as possible.


vice president of Promotions

Faye Miguel

Faye is a Junior pursuing a B.B.A. degree in Marketing and Management Information Systems. This is her fifth semester in AMA and third semester on board. She loves to dance and go coffee shop-hopping. Her goal this year is to help grow the fAMAly and connect with them personally and virtually! Her past years in college was really enhanced by being in AMA. She met most of her friends from the club, encouraged some of her other friends to join, and she continues to grow as a member.

As Vice President of Promotions, Faye is responsible for promoting the AMA-UHM and affairs involving AMA-UHM to students, professionals, and the community. Some duties as Vice President of Promotions is designing and ordering chapter shirts. She help organize and manage the AMA’s website and social media accounts such as, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With upcoming recruitments and events, she is responsible for producing promotional materials including fliers, posters, and other media.


vice president of alumni relations

Kalena Kimura