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Our Chapter

The American Marketing Association at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (AMA-UHM) is a collegiate chapter of the internationally affiliated AMA organization. AMA-UHM was established in 1971 and continues to be one of the largest and most active organizations in the Shidler College of Business.

Our Mission

We strive to lift our members to newer heights by providing them with opportunities to better understand the field of marketing and to prepare them for a smooth transition into a professional setting.

The American Marketing Association welcomes students of all majors who have an interest in marketing. Our programs are designed to promote networking opportunities, professional development, and social responsibility for students.


Executive Board

Our executive board is made up of a group of elected individuals who have proven themselves to be dedicated to AMA and its members. The executive board's mission is to ensure that every member benefits from their time at AMA-UHM. 



Executive President

Moana Kimura

Moana is a junior at the Shidler College of Business, and intends on obtaining concurrent majors in Marketing, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. Moana enjoys going to the beach, hiking, and having fun in the sun! This is her fifth semester in AMA, and third semester on board. The impact that AMA has had on Moana has pushed her to take part in inspiring new members to grow with AMA just like she did.

As the Executive President, Moana oversees all the duties of the other executive board members. She is also in charge of establishing the chapter's goals and strategies for the year. With these intentions in mind, it is Moana’s duty to communicate with the faculty advisor, the Inter-Business Council, and the AMA Hawaii chapter to provide the best member experience possible.



Executive Vice President

Faye Anne Miguel

Faye is a sophomore majoring in Marketing and hopefully getting a double major on Management Information Systems. This is her third semester in AMA and first semester on board. She loves to dance and go coffee shop-hopping. Her goal this year is to grow the fAMAly; in terms of number of members and for each individual to grow professionally. 

As the Executive Vice President, Faye is in charge of overseeing the other Vice Presidents.  She is also in charge of recruitment, elections, applications and also updating each member’s Active Status tracker throughout the semesters. As Executive Vice President, Faye is there to preside in the absence of the President and to be of service to her Executive Board and the general membership of the club.



Vice President of finance

Isaiah Sabey

Isaiah is currently a sophomore majoring in Finance and Economics. He is currently serving as an investment due diligence intern for Kamehameha schools under their marketable equities team. When he’s not occupied with work or attending school, he enjoys producing music and appreciating nature through hikes and bodysurfing.  Although this will only be his third semester in AMA, he feels that AMA is his home in Shidler and seeks to provide the same experience for others.

As the Vice President of Finance, Isaiah is responsible for maintaining the chapter’s financial information. This includes creating and enforcing semester budgets, filing taxes, and keeping record of all revenues and expenses.


vice president of Collegiate affairs

Justin Yago

Justin is a sophomore majoring in marketing and expecting to double major in entrepreneurship. This is his third semester in AMA and first semester on board. He likes to Netflix and YouTube binge, as well as going on new adventures when time permits in his free time. His goal this semester is to get the dub again for super clubs day and show that AMA is the strongest family in the Shidler College of Business. 

As the Vice President of Collegiate Affairs, Justin is in charge of coordinating marketing week and making sure that our chapter is prepared for the International Collegiate Conference every year in New Orleans, Louisiana.




vice president of Professional development

Krstyn Yata

Krstyn is a Senior pursuing a double major in Marketing and Management at the Shidler College of Business.  In her free time, she enjoys bowling and capturing moments by endulging in photography whenever possible. This is her second semester in AMA and first semester on board.  AMA has taught her what her career path entails utilizing the opportunities AMA has provided.

As the Vice President of Professional Development, Krstyn coordinates programs that will enhance members' interaction with professionals and the professional environment by helping members gain skills to better prepare for their career path after college. She organizes company tours, guest speaker events, workshops, and professional interaction night.



vice president of advertising

Kalena Kimura

Kalena is currently a sophomore majoring in Fashion Design and Merchandising and Communications. This is her third semester in AMA and is already one of her favorite things about attending UHM. She is passionate about AMA and feels that it is an amazing resource for her as a fashion major. During her free time she loves to socialize, work on design projects, and shop.

As the Vice President of Advertising, Kalena shares the goals, purpose and lasting impact of AMA with other organizations and businesses in the community. She is also  responsible for maintaining relationships with current sponsors and inviting other potential sponsors to be involved in supporting the legacy of AMA.




vice president of FUNDRAISING

Ashley Regaspi

Ashley is currently a junior pursuing a degree in Marketing.  On her free time she likes to hang out with friends, go on hikes, and visit coffee shops. This is her third semester in AMA, and first semester on the board.  While being a member of AMA, Ashley has learned how to step out of her comfort zone. This allowed her to gain essential professional skills.

As the Vice President of Fundraising, Ashley assists in organizing AMA’s fundraisers. She plays a key role in making sure our club raises enough money to fund AMA’s events. Her goal is to have new and returning members grow professionally as well as socially.  For this semester, Ashley plans to have two car washes, Krispy Kreme, Poi Mochi, and Zippy’s Chili. There are a few new fundraisers that she is planning, such as Mo-Do Donuts, and Subway!  She is motivated to reach the goal of fundraising over $5000 with the help of all AMA members!  


vice president of Philanthropy

Jholina Codera

Jholina is currently a senior, spending her final semester at UH Manoa on AMA's Executive Board. She will be receiving two Bachelors in Marketing and Management from the Shidler College of Business in December. This will be Jholina's second semester in AMA, and her first semester on board. As a member of AMA, she has grown professionally, stepped out of her comfort zone, and has made bonds that will last a lifetime.

As the Vice President of Philanthropy, Jholina is responsible for coordinating programs and events that enhance the goodwill of AMA-UHM and encourage members to make a positive impact in the community.  In addition to this, she is also responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with event coordinators so that AMA-UHM may continue to provide their assistance as needed.



vice president of Student Relations

Brent Vargas

Brent is currently a Junior majoring in communications. Brent loves the thrill of competition in sports, covering songs with his guitar, and messing with his friends whenever possible. This is his third semester in AMA, and first semester on board. AMA has given Brent the chance to take a leadership role on board and has surrounded him with some of the smartest and most entertaining people in all of UHM.

As the Vice President of Student Relations, Brent organizes and executes AMA’s social events.  Brent plans to abolish even the slightest remnants of “cliquie behavior” and to create the kind of hype that AMA is worthy of.           


vice president of digital media

Nicole Takamine

Nicole is a junior intending to pursue a major in Entrepreneurship. She loves to do freelance photography and videography whenever she can possibly get her hands on a camera. She loves to go on adventures and explore what the world has to offer. This is her fourth semester in AMA and her second semester on executive board. AMA has helped and continues to help Nicole grow professionally as well as socially, as she loves to interact with all members of the club. Nicole is prepared to capture all of AMA’s moments throughout the semester, and is ready to share and create memories.

As the Vice President of Digital Media, Nicole has the responsibility for documenting all AMA-UHM activities and events throughout the semester.  Other duties of the Vice President of Digital Media are producing a recruitment PSA, a video for the seniors who are graduating, and capturing all of the AMAzing moments in the club.




vice president of communications

Christine Quach

Christine is currently a senior pursuing a double major in Human Resource Management and Management. She loves traveling and hanging out with friends. This is her fifth semester in AMA and third semester on board. She is excited to see what the future holds for AMA this year. Her goal this semester is to build everlasting relationships with both new and returning members.

As the Vice President of Communications, Christine is responsible for the distribution of the club newsletter in which all information regarding all AMA UHM events and announcements is compiled.  Also serving as AMA’s Inter-Business Council (IBC) Senator, she will be present in meetings and discussions held between all the other representatives of the other Shidler Business Clubs, and responsible for creating summaries of IBC meetings.  She looks forward to helping members remain updated and excited about future opportunities for growth and development.


vice president of Promotions

Taylor Takahashi

Taylor is a Senior pursuing a double major in Marketing and Human Resource Management at the Shidler College of Business. On her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends on outdoor adventures. Within her four semesters of being in AMA, she has received two job opportunities. AMA has taught her what her career path entails and how to succeed in the future.

As Vice President of Promotions Taylor is responsible for promoting AMA-UHM and affairs involving AMA-UHM to students, professionals, and the community. She helps brand AMA-UHM while also thinking of ways to further their presence both in and beyond the UH Manoa community. Some duties of the Vice President of Promotions include: designing and ordering chapter shirts, producing promotional materials including flyers, posters, and other media for recruitment or promotion of events, assisting in maintaining the AMA-UHM bulletin board, and maintaining the AMA-UHM Website, Online Calendar, and social media accounts.




vice president of alumni relations

Brandon Hirokawa

Brandon is currently a Senior at the Shidler College of Business.  He intends on majoring in Finance and Accounting.  Brandon enjoys playing sports, hanging out with friends, hiking trails on the island, and bodysurfing at the beach on his free time.  This is his fifth semester in AMA, and second semester on board.  AMA has opened up many connections for Brandon within the business field while also meeting a lot of new great college students.  Brandon is motivated to help give new members the great connections that comes with being a part of AMA.

As the Vice President of Alumni Relations, Brandon organizes and executes AMA’s Alumni events.  Brandon is the liaison between the current members and the alumni of AMA. Events such as Alumni Beach Day and AMA Alumni Panel allow alumni to share their experiences and knowledge with current members.