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Our Chapter

The American Marketing Association at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (AMA-UHM) is a collegiate chapter of the internationally affiliated AMA organization. AMA-UHM was established in 1971 and continues to be one of the largest and most active organizations in the Shidler College of Business.

Our Mission

We strive to lift our members to newer heights by providing them with opportunities to better understand the field of marketing and to prepare them for a smooth transition into a professional setting.

The American Marketing Association welcomes students of all majors who have an interest in marketing. Our programs are designed to promote networking opportunities, professional development, and social responsibility for students.


Executive Board

Our executive board is made up of a group of elected individuals who have proven themselves to be dedicated to AMA and its members. The executive board's mission is to ensure that every member benefits from their time at AMA-UHM. 



Executive President

Dakota Rei Chun

Dakota is a junior studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship in the Shidler College of Business. She loves eating good food and spending time on the North Shore. This is her fourth semester in AMA and third on board. Her goals for the year include strengthening bonds and creating professional opportunities for all members. #AMAGrowth

As the Executive President, Dakota oversees all the duties of the other executive board members. She is also in charge of establishing the chapter's goals and strategies for the year. With these intentions in mind, it is Dakota's duty to communicate with the faculty advisor, the Inter-Business Council, and the AMA Hawaii chapter to provide the best member experience possible.



Executive Vice President

Sara Allysia Samiano

Sara is a junior majoring in Marketing and Management with a minor in Art.  She loves painting and adventuring with friends.  This is her fifth semester being in AMA.  Her goal this year is to help create opportunities and build strong bonds between member to member and members to professionals.

As the Executive Vice President, Sara is in charge of overseeing the other Vice Presidents.  She is also in charge of recruitment, elections, applications and also recording Active Status of each member throughout the semesters.   As Executive Vice President, Sara is there to preside in the absence of the President and to be of service to her Executive Board and the general membership of the club.  




Vice President of finance

Christine Quach

Christine is currently a junior pursuing a double major in Management and Human Resource Management with a minor in Communicology. She is excited to see what the future holds for AMA this year. Her goal this year is to begin building friendships with both new and returning members that will last a lifetime.

As the Vice President of Finance, Christine is responsible for maintaining the chapter’s financial information. This includes creating and enforcing semester budgets, filing taxes, and keeping record of all revenues and expenses.


vice president of professional development

Connie Wong

Connie is entering her junior year at the Shidler College of Business. She plans to double major in Marketing and International business. During her free time, she enjoys dancing, shopping, and spending quality time with friends and family. This will be her fifth semester in AMA, and she is excited and thrilled to carry on the AMA legacy this upcoming semester and hopefully, inspire new members!

As the Vice President of Professional Development,  Connie is responsible for planning and executing events that help our members develop their professional characters. These events may include company tours, guest speaking engagements, skill building workshops, and professional mixers. She also informs members on available scholarship, internship, and career opportunities to help members achieve their educational and career goals.




vice president of philanthropy

Tyler Hazama

Tyler is currently a senior majoring in Travel Industry Management. He joined AMA in Spring 2017 and has loved every memory he’s made so far. AMA has provided him with friendships and connections that will last a lifetime. He enjoys watching and playing sports, going to the gym, eating, and spending time with family and friends.

As the Vice President of Philanthropy, Tyler is in charge of providing AMA with philanthropic events, volunteer activities and community service projects to bridge a closer relationship with the local Hawai‘i community. AMA values the gift of giving back to the community. We are always open to community service event suggestions and organizations looking for volunteers.



vice president of advertising

Moana Kimura

Moana is a sophomore at the Shidler College of Business. She intends on obtaining concurrent majors in Finance and Communications. Moana enjoys going to the beach, hiking, and having fun in the sun! This is her third semester in AMA, and first semester on board. The impact that AMA has had on Moana has pushed her to take part in inspiring new members to grow with AMA just like she did.

As the Vice President of Advertising, Moana shares the goals, purpose and lasting impact of AMA with other organizations and businesses in the community. She is also  responsible for maintaining relationships with current sponsors and inviting other potential sponsors to be involved in supporting the legacy of AMA.




vice president of Student Relations

Corey Imose-Lee

Corey is entering his third year at the UH with the intent to major in Civil Engineering. Corey likes to relax, play sports, and enjoys using his time to make quality memories with his friends and family. This is Corey's second semester in AMA and his first on board. The impact that AMA has on Corey is the over- flowing  positive energy that motivates him daily to want to be a better person.

As VP of Student Relations Corey's duties consist of coordinating memorable events that takes members to a warm and welcoming environment.


vice president of fundraising

Shanel Kinoshita

Shanel is currently a junior standing at the Shidler College of Business, majoring in Marketing and International Business. During her free time, she loves spending time with her friends and traveling to new places. Her goal this semester is to connect with the new members of AMA and to improve on her professionalism.

As the Vice President of Fundraising, Shanel is responsible for raising funds of the organization by facilitating and organizing events throughout the semester. She is also in charge of maintaining records of members that participated and the amount of revenue made at each fundraising event.




vice president of promotions

Maurice Ray Berbano

Maurice Berbano is a junior in the Shidler College of Business studying Marketing, International Business, and Management. He is a freelance photographer, videographer, and graphic designer, and enjoys innovating creative content for both local and national businesses. This is his fifth semester in AMA but his first semester on board; however, with his experience in the organization, he is more than ready to help AMA grow and reach greater heights.

The Vice President of Promotions is responsible for promoting AMA-UHM and affairs involving AMA-UHM to students, professionals, and the community. He helps brand AMA-UHM while also thinking of ways to further their presence both in and beyond the UH Manoa community. Some duties of the Vice President of Promotions include: designing and ordering chapter shirts, producing promotional materials including flyers, posters, and other media for recruitment or promotion of events, assisting in maintaining the AMA-UHM bulletin board, and maintaining the AMA-UHM Website, Online Calendar, and social media accounts.


vice president of digital media

Andrew "Ace" Catalan

Andrew "Ace" Catalan is a junior pursuing a major in Marketing.  He is a freelance photographer and videographer and he enjoys surfing and enjoys creating films of his adventures.  He is currently recovering from 2 surgeries on his knee but is working hard to be back to full strength.  This is his third semester in AMA but first semester on board and he is excited to help AMA grow as a club and generate interest in the club.

As the Vice President of Digital Media, Ace has the responsibility for documenting all AMA-UHM activities and events throughout the semester.  Other duties of the Vice President of Digital Media are running the Manoa Club Challenge, producing a recruitment PSA and a video for the seniors who are graduating.




vice president of communications

Marissa Vensel

Marissa is a junior entering the Shidler College of Business with intention to study marketing. In her free time she enjoys being active, whether that includes going to the gym, beach, or mall! Being 2,500 away from home in Los Angeles, California is not easy for Marissa, but everyday she is finding comfort in the people she surrounds herself with at UH Mānoa and within AMA. Though this is only her second semester in AMA, she is fully ready for the opportunity to serve on the Executive Board.

As the Vice President of Communications, Marissa will be responsible for compiling and distributing Executive Board event information to the general membership through weekly newsletters. Marissa will also be AMA’s Inter-Business Council (IBC) Senator. As the liaison between both groups, she will report all IBC activities to the Executive Board and General Membership.


vice president of alumni relations

Zachary Baysa

Zach is currently a senior majoring in Communicology. He joined AMA in Spring 2017 and has turned friends into fAMAly.  AMA has provided him with memories that will never be taken away. He enjoys going to the beach, watching and playing sports, working out,  eating, and spending time with family and friends.

As the Vice President of Alumni Relations, Zach is in charge of connecting AMA alumni with current members through various events.  He also responsible for organizing events and bringing in alumni to share their experiences and knowledge to current collegiate members.